Furiously rhythmical -My next London concert is on June 7th at 4.00 pm

SouthBank-RGBHow can one explain that some pieces are delicious to play? I can only suggest to travel as far as the Southbank Centre which is much nearer than say Caracas or Buenos Aires to listen and feel that the sounds have a third dimension, that they can be palpable and can be savoured; does it make sense? Please let me know after you’ve been.

I love every bit of the pieces we shall be performing on the afternoon of Sunday 7th June at 4.00 pm at the very prestigious Southbank Centre, one of those London landmarks that I have been visiting since I was a student at the Royal College of Music and where I have had the priviledge of performing regularly since 1992. Since the date and the time are so joyous, a sunny Sunday afternoon, I thought that only a programme full of idem pieces could fit the bill.

Commencing by two magnificent pieces by Albéniz, Evocation and El Puerto, I think that I set the mood evoking past times pregnant with nostalgia as well as the happiness of the music that has dance elements in its core followed by two Argentinean dances by Alberto Ginastera, again two contrasting gems of the piano repertoire. The waltz Adriana by my friend Miguel Astor will be performed just before Gerswihn’s Rhapsody in Blue. After this wonderful well-known piece, I shall be joined by my musician friends to give an account of the beautiful and sad zamba by Ariel Ramírez, Alfonsina y el mar and to follow with the feminine touch, we shall perform Pajarillo by another dear friend, composer Luisa Elena Paesano, the public will feel the happiness of the Venezuelan sunshine in sounds!

The journey will continue down to Brazil with a famous choro by Ernesto Nazareth, Odeon, to then round off  this first half with the popular Joropo by Moisés Moleiro.

Plantio do caboclo by Heitor Villa-Lobos opens the second half to give way to more chorinhos or Brazilian tangos as Nazareth really called them. Colombian music will be represented here by two compositions by Germán Darío Pérez, jazzy but traditional at the same time, his pasillo and bambuco are based on typical rhythms from his country with what we detect as an influence of the genre created by Aldemaro Romero called Onda Nueva.

I have included too the famous Malagueña by the Cuban Ernesto Lecuona redolent of Andalucian feeling and the brilliant Zumba que zumba by Federico Ruiz.

To end this marvellous journey we plan to première a piece by the very young composer Carlos Pérez Tabares, originally written for the piano but under my request he has kindly arranged it by adding the cuatro and the double bass to it, Wilmer and Ernesto have added the percussion and drums. It is called Merengada de pajarillo. I’ll explain more about it in the concert. It is really interesting and exciting…ok, it is a Venezuelan merengue inspired by the joropo called Pajarillo.

In sum it is a very special programme that mixes nostalgic, expressive pieces with fast and happy rhythmical ones . Much of this music is characterized by virtuosity, improvisation, subtle harmonies and it is full of syncopation!

I really hope that you will get a lot of the enjoyment we feel when we perform it.

For tickets and more information: http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whatson/clara-rodriguez-piano-recital-90186

Clara Rodriguez, piano

Cristóbal Soto, guitar, cuatro, mandolin

Ernesto Marichales, drums

Wilmer Sifontes, percussion

Marius Pibot, double-bass