The LUKAS – A welcome award

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I have been honoured by having been named Classical Act of the Year by the LUKAS 2015.

This is an award that has a public vote and there are also judges that cast theirs  to choose the winners out of a list of nominees. The Latin-UK Awards (LUKAS) is the only award to recognize the contribution of Britain’s one million Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese residents. It is the most media covered Latin event in the UK’s history, reaching an estimated 10 million people in the UK and South America.

There has been an explosion of beautiful messages, TV, Radio and in the media in general, from the main newspapers to celebrity magazines. It has been amazing to see the reaction of the people and how much happiness and pride this distinction has brought to my country, my British colleagues, friends and fans. That is the real prize for me.

It is fantastic to see that one’s work has meaning for so many people; that not only the uncertainty that this occupation entails but also the joy and thrill one feels by planning the concerts, dreaming of the programmes and performing or even teaching has a place in our  diverse society.

Dancers, exhibition curators, footballers, restaurateurs, artists, politicians, salsa and pop legends as well as Classical musicians -me on this occasion!-  were invited to go up onto a stage “with all the trimmings” to share our very rich multiculturality.

It has been a lovely experience. Thank you to the creators of this excellent and valuable idea.