Testimonials on Clara Rodriguez’s concerts and recordings


The very talented pianist Clara Rodriguez is a worthy interpreter of the great Teresa Carreño Paul Badura-Skoda

A poet of the piano” Antonio Estevez.Clarines_blue_wednesday

“Clara Rodriguez’s vibrant temperament and her rhythmic èlan mark her out as a leading exponent of Latin American music. She is a very special artist.” Niel Immelman.

“Clara Rodriguez has great pianistic ability and also a very special, wonderful musicality”Murray Perahia. Marlboro Music. USA


“A memorable, truly lovely and varied recital. The range of colours Clara managed to secure from the Wigmore’s Steinway from the first notes of Evocation to the last in her programme was amazing”
John Barstow.

“Clara is a lovely pianist, with an impressive technique. She plays with real involvement and is capable of moving her audience. I am her number one fan” Phyllis Sellick

“Clara Rodriguez plays with obvious involvement and produces lovely lush sounds. Her Rachmaninoff had quite a refinement of tone control.” Christopher Elton.

“This performance showed that this young pianist is rapidly developing into an exciting and mature artist. Temperament, sensitivity and beauty of tone were all in evidence in this programme.”  Alexander Kelly.

 “What an unusual, absorbing concert. What power and originality plus superb style you have both as a human being and as An Artist. Years and years of study, application and practice went into last night’s performance. It was an example of your life, of slick dedication and execution. You have an exceptional talent and God given gift” Trader Faulkner. Actor.

 “Sensually effective playing. The sounds were very good, the transitory rits and agogic accents relished. In general, the beauty of detail in Clara Rodriguez’s playing is very real.”  David Owen Norris.110818129m

“What a wonderful evening it was last night. Beautiful music, excellent performances and lovely atmosphere. You
played with great elegance, vivacity and charm.”
Stephen Montague.

“…I greatly enjoyed your pieces at lunchtime, and thought the players all did you proud –especially Clara Rodriguez, who produced an enviable range of tone and colour within a few eloquent minutes. She was wonderful!” Francis Pott, Head of Composition at LCMM

 “The concert of Venezuelan music played by Clara Rodriguez and El Cuarteto was a wonderful revelation of colour and emotion. It was just amazing to hear and see the group’s handling of polyrhythms. The atmosphere was quite unique, and the public responded with practically deafening applause. It really was a unique and very powerful experience.”Roberto Filoseta. Hertfordshire Universityconcierto-2

“After your St. John’s Smith Square recital, I left on a complete high , what a glorious Liszt! And can I just say that the Scarlatti in particular was absolutely ravishing. You did it with just EXACTLY the right combination of grace, verve, balance, beauty, heft, sensitivity, attention to detail, chutzpah; it was really beautiful.” Pianist Nicola Bibby.

“We are already looking forward to the next performance with great anticipation – please keep us posted!” Arundells/ SalisburyDSCF2327

“Clara’s programme was supremely demanding in variety and technical contrast and I felt truly humbled by her scholarly virtuosity and completely mesmerised by her absolute mastery of every aspect of the music as I watched her hands fly over the keyboard.” Arundells recital

“I have heard Clara Rodriguez’s CD Americas Without Frontiers: PURE POETRY!” Beatriz Carnevali

“Great CD. Colour, rhythm, sun & also poetry, sweetness, nostalgia. Thanks for this very nice Latin American trip by a poet of the piano” Brigitte Dussard51wVKNRsVIL._SL500_AA300_

“I am much enjoying listening to your latest CD AMERICAS WITHOUT FRONTIERS; especially Perez’s Ancestro and Núñez’s piece about Aldemaro Romero – intensely moving.” Dominic Seligman


CLARA_A5_Flyer_2016echoes-flyer-postera13d641fe46780b3ecb44453c3e3ad708SouthBank-RGBCR-programa-post1From pianist Adrien Schmitt:
“I really enjoyed listening to your latest CD Americas Without Frontiers”. It is so refreshing to hear the evocative rhythms and the many faces of the American music, I really feel you are truly one with the music!”

From mezzo-soprano Inés Feo-La Cruz on the CD “Americas Without Frontiers”
“I’ve listened to your CD many times. That the music is very good and the whole performance is very high level both technically and artistically, I do not need to say it because you surely know that very well.
What I want to share with you, because it was something that took me by surprise, is that the most remarkable impression produced by the series of pieces is a feeling of being in very good company. It’s like having a conversation with the best of people. It is a beautiful work, excellent bill and, above all, warm and communicative. Congratulations!”