Americas Without Frontiers CD “A superb release”

Americas Without Frontiers CD reviewed on International Piano magazine

Americas Without Frontiers Works by Prieto, Ramírez, Pérez, Estévez, Núñez, Nazareth, Gershwin, Vitier, Cervantes, Lamothe and Romero

Clara Rodriguez (pf), Carlos Nené Quintero (perc.) Carlos Rodríguez (bass) Edwin Arellano (cuatro), Manuel Rangel (maracas)

Nimbus NI 6346


The multiculturalist side of the Americas is celebrated in this vivacious disc by Venezuelan pianist Clara Rodriguez, from Amerindian to European to Black African. Right from the off, the atmosphere is that of fiesta, with added maracas to Genaro Prieto’s Apure en un viaje, a Venezuelan joropo.

Colombian Germán Darío Pérez contributes a bambuco, Ancestro, before 17 Piezas Infantiles by Venezuelan Antonio Estevez speak of a depth tha belies their title. Rodriguez plays this music to the manner born, finding infinite tenderness and nostalgic regret.

Two tangos by Nazareth, full of energy (the second is the well known Odeon), lead to a robust account  of Gershwin’s Three Preludes before Cuban Jose Maria Vitier’s glorious Danza de fin de siglo, with its glittering passagework, emerges.

Lamothe’s slinky La dangereuse offers another highlight.

A superb release.”




Colin Clarke. March April 2018. International Piano magazine.