Musical Crossroads -Two Latin American concerts at the Bolívar Hall soon!

On Thusrday 20th June at 7.30 pmImage

Leo Blanco, jazz pianist and composer will play his only London concert before embarking on a tour of Scotland. “Pianoforte Improv”

He is a Professor at Berklee College of Music and has deeply studied the Latin American styles exploring the fertile sounds of his homeland and other realms.
As he expands our collective appreciation of these fruitious idioms, he adds the nuance, both subtle and unabashedly overt, of his own distinctive and highly intuitive style.Blanco boasts a wealth of educational background and practical experience in both popular and classical music styles.
Far from just a cursory, jazz-grounded overview of sundry South American music styles, Blanco  focuses on a particularly compelling element — the far-ranging influence of African cultures on the music of these lands. “When most people hear the term ‘Afro-Latin’ in music,” the pianist readily admits, “they immediately think of Cuba and Brazil.
I’ve always loved the music of these two titanic cultures, but I feel is about time to open the door and show the rest of the world how Africa is one of the most significant influencefra2es on today’s popular music throughout the Americas.”


Clara Rodriguez

The last concert of Clara Rodríguez Bolívar Hall Concert Series will take place on Monday 1 July 2013 at 7.30 pm

From Argentina to Puerto Rico!! will be a musical journey of merengues, tangos, waltzes and joropos from many Latin American countries. It promises to be a feast of  ebullient and exciting dances that will enthral audiences of all ages.

A quintet formed by Clara Rodríguez (piano), Efraín Oscher (flute), Gabriel León (double bass) Cristóbal Soto (mandolin, cuatro and guitar) and Wilmer Sifontes (percussion) will recreate the colours, rhythms, nostalgia and happiness of the whole of South America.

Clara Rodríguez Bolívar Hall Concert Series

Clara Rodriguez Bolivar Hall Concert Series
Tickets from:
or at The Bolivar Hall 54 Grafton Way London W1T 5DL

First concert on June 6th
Clara Rodríguez, piano; Efrain Oscher, flute; Gabriel León, doublebass; Cristóbal Soto, cuatro.
“Caramba, mi amor caramba” by Venezuelan songwriter Otilio Galíndez