Dear RT HON Justine Greening MP for Southfields, Putney and Roehampton

Dear RT HON Justine Greening MP for Southfields,

Thank you for your letter dated 22 February 2017 where you warn me that my stay in this country is subject to the EU accepting or not British citizens living in Europe.

Perhaps you can imagine the distress I felt after reading your communication although I am very lucky in the sense that I can move out of here to two other countries that will be happy to receive me.

I have been living in London since 1978 when the then directors of The Royal College of Music auditioned me in Caracas and granted me a space at the said institution to pursue studies there. The Venezuelan government provided me with a scholarship to cover all my living costs and my studies (from the Junior to the Senior and a two year Post-Graduate course).

In 1984 I met who became my husband, a French citizen and I took his nationality. As he is a teacher at the French Lycee and I was playing concerts, teaching, working with  English record lables as well as publishing and editing Latin American music for the Oxford Univeristy Press and other houses we decided to stay here and contribute in that way to this and the world community.

I know that since Brexit I have become as they say, just “a bargaining chip”. Facts such as us having taught generations of students to love, appreciate and perform music or that I have done countless programmes for BBC Radio3 and 4 have no weight when it comes to hard negotiations.

We have a British son, own a property, my husband is still teaching at the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle and I am a teacher at the JD of the RCM.

Our lives are in your hands.

Best wishes,

Clara Rodriguez