BBC Interview – In Tune programme 04-06-2015 Playing and talking live on the radio


Vladimir Ashkenazy and Clara Rodriguez at BBC Radio 3

It was a thrilling pleasure going back to the BBC Radio 3 In Tune studio to be interviewed by Suzy Klein on Thursday 4 of June. I have been going to that programme I think since its beginnings seventeen years ago! I remember the first time I went I did not know that I would have to play, I just went into the studio at the designated time, they told me to sit at the piano where there was a microphone on the music stand, a few seconds later I met the charming Sean Rafferti who introduced me, we were already on the air. His way of conducting the programme was new to me; I soon discovered that I had to participate in the conversation as there were no direct questions being asked, his was a discourse full of images, it seemed to be prose when suddenly he pointed at the piano and made me understand tthat I had to play a piece! OMG! As I was there to talk about my series of concerts at the Southbank Centre and I had been practising as much as anyone can -after having given birth four months previously- I could dig out about three of the pieces from the prorgammes I was about to play.

Needless to say that the following times I had the opportunity to do more of those programmes, were nerve-racking as I knew what was coming: talking in English – I hate my accent- and in the new studio, the actual one, walking from the round table where the microphone is to the piano, trying not to trip on any cable on the way so not to make thumping noises for the listeners! Also you know that if you play a wrong note it will be heard around the world for a few weeks as they have this wonderful Iplayer system where the programmes are available for about 20 days.

This time I was slightly more relaxed as all the previous times had gone well and I was accompanied by my friends with whom I had been rehearsing on a few occasions.

The presenter we had this time was Suzy Klein who is a sweety with an impressive deep voice and beautiful diction who made us feel at home.

The questions ranged from my taste in choosing programmes for my recitals that cover many different countries, especially the Latin American ones; my arrival in London; the Associated Board Examinations Venezuelan pieces that are for the first time in its history now available on the syllabus and my opinion on the Venezuelan Youth Orchestras known as El Sistema.

To top the experience, when we came out of the studio one of the greatest musicians in the world was there. He had been listening to our playing and was very warm and congratulatory. It was Vladimir Ashkenazy who was next on the list of guests on that sunny afternoon.

Alll round, a treat!

The programme can be heard on the link below. My segment starts on 01-02-02 approximately.


Suzy Klein and Clara Rodriguez. In Tune programme BBC Radio 3

Vladimir Ashkenazy and Clara Rodriguez at BBC Radio 3


Wilmer Sifontes, Crsitóbal Soto, Clara Rodriguez, Marius Pibarot and Ernesto Marichales



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