Appassionata Sonata by candlelight (comments)


I would like to thank all of those many people that came to listen to my recital at the wonderful St. Martin – in- the -Fields. It was a very special occasion with a programme full of great pieces. The iconic Appassionata Sonata by Beethoven, the couple of Bach Preludes and Fugues from the second book of the W.T.K., Prokoviev Third Sonata, the Albéniz, the two Villa-Lobos, Luisa Elena Paesano, Teresa Carreño and my friend Luis Zea made me work very hard in the preparation of the recital and I was indeed very touched to have been honoured by a standing ovation at the end!

As a souvenir of the evening I would like to add here some of the very kind comments I have received from some old and new friends that came:

“World music indeed! the concept could not have become more clear after listening to Clara Rodriguez interpretation of works by Bach, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Albéniz, Villa-Lobos, the Venezuelans Teresa Carreño, Luisa Elena Paesano, Luis Zea and the Argentinean Ariel Ramírez.

Clara’s expressive and powerful performances conveyed great lyricism to a magnetized audience entwining the works of these composers in a unity of spirituality in time and space at Saint Martin-in-the-fields. Clara Rodriguez has again demonstrated that musical poetry is a universal means of communication. A true tour de force, an unforgettable evening.”

Clara, I wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful performance – you chose so many outstanding pieces of music (and VERY difficult ones) and played them superbly. I really enjoyed the contrast of the slow soulful elements with the high tempo parts. What a beautiful sound – your command and interpretation of the music coupled with a beautifully sounding piano in a perfect setting – A VERY SPECIAL EVENING.
A big thank you Clara.

Dear Clara,

Congratulations on last night’s concert.

I love the South American pieces particularly. The rhythms make you feel
really good. I look forward to your concert with the Simon Bolivar orchestra and
lots of luck with good wishes for the future.

You are a fantastic musician.

Love Patricia

Hi Madame Virtuoso, FABULOUS CONCERT!!! Really great – such nice pieces, and you really
pulled off the Beethoven, I forgot what an amazing work it is. My
friend Verity was speechless….!
Lots of love,

Dear Clara
I really enjoyed the concert – I thought The Apassionata was terrific; no  mean feat.
I’m sorry not to have stayed after, but there seemed a bit of a queue.
Lots of love

Hi Clara, Jan and I loved your concert, as did the whole audience.  It was absolutely sensational Clara.  You must have been thrilled to get a standing ovation.  Love Sally

Hi Clara,

I really enjoyed your concert this evening (well technically last night) – thank you very much. Jane

It was an awesome evening Clara, congrats !

Andrea Kustin-Mager: Fue una maravilla!

Hola Clara, magnifico concierto una vez más. Marco

Hope you were pleased with the other evening, Clara, it was a terrific 
show, you looked and SOUNDED marvellous.  My friends all v impressed, 
and I was thrilled.

Appassionata Sonata by candlelight.21-1-14

I was there and it was amazing, Congratulations!
By Amada Dorta Cerpa

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