Simón Bolívar Orchestra Anniversary

Clara-08Clara Rodríguez has been invited to play the opening concert of the 39th Anniversary of the creation of the Simón Bolívar Orchestra of Venezuela.
For this celebration a concert on February the 5th at the Centro de Acción Social por la Música in Caracas will be dedicated to works by the Venezuelan composer Federico Ruiz with a programme that will include the following pieces: “LAUDA” (1980) for orchestra, the Suite “MANON” and the “SECOND PIANO CONCERTO” , written in 2003 and dedicated to Clara Rodríguez.

Clara Rodríguez is one of the most distinguished international concert pianists, she has played concerts around the world as a recitalist, soloist with orchestra and chamber musican.
She is known for mixing the European piano repertoire with the output of Latin American composers. Her playing is consistently described as highly expressive, sensitive with considerable digital clarity and stylistic acumen.
RCM Professor Niel Immelman has recently said:
“Clara Rodriguez’s vibrant temperament and her rhythmic èlan mark her out as a leading exponent of Latin American music. She is a very special artist.”
Clara Rodríguez studied in Caracas at the Juan José Landaeta Conservatory under Guiomar Narváez and in London at the Royal College of Music with Phyllis Sellick .
She has recorded and produced five CDs for the Nimbus label and has acted as editor of Venezuelan piano scores for the Associated Board and Spartan Press.
Se is a piano teacher at the JD of the Royal College of Music.


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