Pianoforte: Piano solo improv recital by Leo Blanco at Bolivar Hall


Thursday 20 June 2013 at 7.30

Pianoforte: Piano solo improv recital

Pianoforte Improv, is a Solo Piano experience in which improvisations turn into new compositions in front of the audience.

01. Vals #5

A waltz sang in a different tempo. Previously recorded by other musicians and finally, for the first time, by its composer


02. Perú Landó

Inspired by Perú Negro, Chabuca Granda and all the exponents of Black Perú, at the same time meditative moments guided by the impressive magic of South America’s Andes which built its way into Afro Perú.


03. Tonada del Cabrestero

A flamenco tinge, Venezuelan poetry and music by the great Simón Díaz.


04. Dancers

An empty stage, he plays, she laughsthey dance together


05. Improvisation I

Cinematic, minimalistic, some darkness, some dreams hidden stories


06. Interludio

Just two chords as an intermission


07. Desiguales

A frenetic portrait of a blues


08. Light over Dark

Started as another improv, later it finds its Light over Dark


09. Improvisation II

A story to be told, unexpected intrusion of XVIII century chapel bells, perhaps all the way around ?, chords invading the silence between the rite of the bells


10. Roots & Effect

A growing seed surrounded by curious crickets announcing  that it is nightfall


11. Haiku for midnight Bells & Piano (last improv)

Lonely bells seduced by subtle piano sounds


“Leo Blanco is, at heart, a natural melodist. He hypnotizes the audience with phrases that will long stay with them, even if they’ve only just occurred to him”.

Rob Adams,
The Glasgow Herald

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