Second Concert of my Series at Bolivar Hall

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Clara Rodríguez Bolívar Hall Concert Series


Thursday 13th June 2013 at 7.30 pm

Humberto De Lucia, Guitar       Kenny Salazar, piano

 Tickets:£10.00 from


The main idea of this first series of concerts that I have had the pleasure of putting together has been to share with the London public different facets of Venezuelan musicians. Everyone is aware of the youth orchestral  “sistema” of Venezuela but perhaps less so with the diversity of the talent non-orchestral musicians have. In this series we count on soloists who have a passion for Latin American repertoire but that also love and have been trained at high level in the traditional European one.

It is fantastic to be able to do these concerts at a venue that has significance not only for the Venezuelans but also for the rest of Latin America and to count with the support of the Venezuelan Embassy and its personnel. I remember playing the first ever piano concert of the Bolivar Hall and consequently working hard in the fundraising to purchase the Steinway piano we have here.

As with any activity it has been a journey fuelled by passion for the music and for communicating it.

I am glad to present tomorrow evening two raising stars from Venezuela. Both still attending studies at The Royal College of Music of London: The guitarist Humberto De Lucía who was born in Caracas in 1992. He has studied the cuatro, the flute and at the age of nine was initiated in the guitar by Victor Marquez going on to formally study with our great guitarist Luis Zea. He has participated in numerous concerts in Venezuela as well as in cities such as Edinburgh, Paris, Prague, Milan and Madrid. Humberto’s talent has been recognized by figures such as Richard Wright, Alrio Díaz, and Miguel Astor and has obtained first prizes in competitions such as the Alirio Díaz in Carora, Venezuela. He is a pupil of Carlos Bonnel at the Royal College of Music and plays a guitar by Tobias Berg.

Kenny Salazar was born in 1990 in La Guaira, Vargas State where he started his music studies in the Pablo Castellanos Music School with Maria Auxiliadora León. From the year 2000 up to 2010 he studied in the Caracas Mozarteum with Carlos Duarte, Elena Lasala and with Carlos Urbaneja. Kenny also graduated from the Conservatorio Juan José Landaeta in 2010.

He has toured in Italy as a soloist with the Orquesta Sinfónica Venezuela, has recorded a CD for the Blohm Foundation and has won first prizes in the Angel Sauce, Piano Venezolano and Harriet Sert Piano competitions in Venezuela.

 In 2011 Kenny won a scholarship from the Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music to come to the Royal College of Music where he currently studies with Gordon Fergus Thompson.


Johann Sebastian Bach        Cello Suite no.2 in D minor (arr. Richard Wright, A minor)

Prelude- Allemande- Courante- Sarabande- Menuett I & II- Gigue

 Mauro Giuliani                           Sonatina for guitar in D major, Op. 71 no. 3 –

Robert Schumann                Romance N2 op 28

Johann Sebastian Bach          Partita N1 for clavier

Alexander Scriabin    Fantasy in B minor op 28

Indio Figueredo (Arr. Alirio Díaz)  Los Caujaritos

Vicente Emilio Sojo, Evencio Castellanos        Sergio Elguín  ( Arr. Pedro Toro)                Negro con bata blanca  Henry Martínez      Oriente es de otro color

Antonio Lauro  Two waltzes:  Natalia   and     Carora   Sebastián Díaz Peña       Marisela


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