Venezuelan Pianist Clara Rodríguez Performs in Washington

Venezuelan Pianist Clara Rodríguez Performs in Washington

On Wednesday evening, the recognized Venezuelan pianist Clara Rodríguez performed an innovative repertoire of Latin American classical music at the Bolivarian Hall, the cultural space of the Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. in Washington, DC.
Rodríguez began by describing the great variety that characterizes Venezuelan music.

“This program is based on the traditional music of my country, and with a review of composers of great importance. Venezuela has music that ranges across many years and centuries and many styles. Our music is interpreted by universal musicians and that makes me feel proud,” she said.

The pieces Rodríguez performed represented more than three centuries of music history, and allowed the public to get a sense of the transformations brought about by each composer.

“Today I perform a piece by Heraclio Fernández, a great composer that died in 1886, called El Diablo Suelto, which demonstrates how music remains alive regardless of the passage of time. When this piece was composed it was a waltz, but over time it was converted into a joropo. This shows that despite the years the music will always be alive,” she explained.

A large audience gathered at the Bolivarian Hall to hear the pianist, who also played pieces by other famous Venezuelan composers such as Teresa Carreño, who once played for Abraham Lincoln in 1863. The audience applauded her interpretations of works by Manuel Yánez, Federico Ruíz, José María Vettier, María Luisa Escobar, and others.

Rodríguez’s experience and talent are part of a family tradition, as her mother also studied piano and encouraged her in her musical pursuits. She has now recorded eight albums of Venezuelan music.
Wednesday’s concert was organized as part of Venezuelan Sounds, an annual concert series sponsored by Chevron and hosted by the Embassy of Venezuela to the U.S. since 2004 to share Venezuelan culture and traditions with the U.S. public.

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